This section is a tribute to all who served the Harristown Fire Protection District, and who now watch over us as we attempt to save lives and property.  The names on this list are very special people who dedicated their lives to help others.  We will never forget you, and thank you for all you gave.


Name Rank Date Passed
Glen E. Bunning Assistant Chief /

Board President

Dorothy W. Suter Secretary 05/16/09
Howard R. Parish Trustee 07/08/07
William L. Atwood Firefighter / EMT 02/09/07
Joe Page Trustee  
Melvin Closs Firefighter  
Doris Covey Trustee  
Emmit Cunningham Firefighter  
Henry L. Leisure Firefighter  
William C. Hamel Trustee  
Richard B. Turner Firefighter / EMT  
Cecil Karch Firefighter  
Marvin Evans Trustee  
Orval Henderson Captain  
Tom Hanks Firefighter  
Richard Embrey Firefighter  
Robert F. Heil Assistant Chief  
Everett H. Balding Firefighter/Dispatcher  
Vernie H. Oliver Fire Chief  
Glenn A. Snider Trustee